Career Talk is run by Cíntia Chen, an experienced professional, ex-manager @ KPMG Australia. Career Talk is made for students, graduates and young professionals - and our goal is to help them kick start and grow their careers.

We release weekly episodes on our free "What career do I pick?" podcast - which is made especially for those who don't know what career to pursue or what job to apply for after graduation. In each episode, we focus on a different job and our guests share the behind the scenes of the working world and why they love doing what they do.

The idea is for you to learn about what you may or may not like, and gain more clarity in terms of the career that you may want to follow.

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Cíntia Chen

Advisor and Podcaster


I have 8 years of Management Consulting experience, including 3+ years at KPMG Australia, specialising in strategic cost reduction initiatives.

I'm passionate about many things - one of them is helping others find their passion and grow their career. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people do what they love and thrive.


Jefferson Chen

Marketing Strategist


I am third-year student at Monash University, currently completing a double degree with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Banking and Finance.

I'm passionate about helping organisations build their brand and online presence. Partaking in the growth of businesses and achieving marketing goals are what drives my passion.