Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Joshua is an Associate Director at KPMG Australia with 10 years of experience in Strategy, Operations and M&A.

His list of achievements started early in university: top of his class in Finance and Economics subjects, honoured member of the Dean’s Honours List at Melbourne University (awarded to students in the top 3% of their class) and a scholarship recipient.

Career wise, he has amassed experience in equities research at Goldman Sachs and consulting at Accenture, Telstra and KPMG. His work ethic, motivation and diligence have always inspired me to dream big and work smart. How does he make things happen in his favour, you ask?

A) It is all about ownership. You need to own your career, own the challenges that come your way and be proactive instead of waiting for things to happen. Taking initiative allows you to stand out in the crowd – and inevitably people around you will open doors and give you better and bigger opportunities along the way.

B) Set high expectations for yourself. The expectations you set are like a self-fulling prophecy – you will get what you aimed for. Aim high and you will get the benefits that come with it.

C) Be patient. Sometimes big opportunities come every few years – be it a new job, a promotion or the next big project. So, it is important to be clear on what your end goal is, understand what you need to do to get there and work hard whilst keeping your eyes on the prize.

The key takeaway? Be proactive and own your career, know when to wait and when to go after what you want.